You are either motivating yourself . . . or sabotaging yourself

 May 16, 2011

By  Casey Berman

Your brain is either motivating you or sabotaging you.  (Thanks to Kristine Castro for this great way to look at things).  So carefully audit what you have thought, are thinking and will think.  Critically assess what your mind is doing.  You are either inspiring yourself or weakening yourself.

Some examples:

Who am I fooling?  I really can’t do anything outside of the practice of law. Sabotage.
Let me take a small babystep today. Motivation.
I’ll never be able to afford to leave the law. Sabotage.
The money will come.  Not sure how just yet, but it will come. Motivation.
There is nothing else I’m trained to do. Sabotage.
Brain, let’s think:  What am I good at?  What do I really, truly enjoy to do? Motivation.

When your brain thinks something . . . anything . . . don’t accept it at face value.  Assess what you are really telling yourself.  As Emo Phillips said “I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body.  Then I realized who was telling me this.”

The beauty of this equation is in its starkness.  There are no shades of gray, no arguments to make about what you are doing to yourself.  You are either being motivated or sabotaged.  This duality provides you with two clear choices.  I recommend the former.

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