You can begin to leave the law right now by closing your eyes

 December 14, 2014

By  Casey Berman

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For something to happen, for us to be able to accomplish something, there are a lot of initial things we can do.

Set goals. Define requirements. Issue spot. Rally up resources. Identify who else can help. Sketch out a budget. Lay out a timeline.

These are all tangible manifestations many of us feel comfortable with.

And one other thing we often overlook doing is to visualize. Close our eyes and think of where and what we want to be. Or what we want the journey to be like. Or to just think of both the details and the grand ideas and the emotions and the desires we want to feel and associate with what we want to happen.

We want to leave the law. Let’s visualize and let’s feel what this could be like. It’s easy to do. We can do it anytime. And it gets everything started.

Sure, it sounds new-agey and even embarrassing, but it’s essential in order to align our desires with our actions.

Let’s first think of what it is we want to do when we leave the law. We’ll be doing something that we actually are good at. No more will we think people think we’re a fraud, no more will we fear being asked a question about the law we don’t know, no more will we think people think we’re faking it. See it, let’s see it, let’s really really visualize a situation where we walk into an office or a meeting or a presentation and we know what we’re talking about. And what we don’t know, it’s okay, because no one expects us to be perfect.

See it. See that happening. See the stress of having to be perfect wash away. See the beauty of finally doing something we’re good at.

Now let’s focus on the emotions we want to feel. Fun. Success. Confident. Self-worthy. Focused. Wealthy. Healthy. Refreshed. Energized. Engaged. Prosperous. Validated. We feel emotions and senses of self that we knew existed but haven’t felt in a long time. And we realize feeling this way is not mutually exclusive to working. We can feel good about ourselves and our work.

And we realize that concerns and caution and stresses exist in any job. There are always fires to put out. There are co-workers to deal with. There are issues to manage. But now we see ourselves capably managing them. We can handle the pressure. We realize we can do it. And we look forward to it. We actually don’t look at problems as problems, but rather as opportunities to shine. Problems and issues become things we can accomplish that no one else can. We become successful people because we begin to do those things that others don’t.

And now we visualize being around different types of people, who are creative and personable and insightful and most of all, determined and hard working. Visualize being around other types of people and learning from them.

And visualize not working for the security or the paycheck or to make others proud or to justify a law school degree or to pay off student debt or for a certain stature, but rather visualize working because we are good at it, and we enjoy it and it comes naturally to us and people celebrate us and we add value and we get paid for it. And visualize working and feeling the best. Visualize being powerful.

Leaving the law is unknown, but what is known is that there is an other side. It is there. Let’s close our eyes and see it.

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