You will never leave the law

 May 31, 2011

By  Casey Berman

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but it speaks to those who may be getting hung up on the “leave” in leave law behind (and thus not doing anything at all about their situation as an unhappy lawyer).

As we all know, it can be difficult to leave things, to enter the unknown, to take a risk. It’s scary stuff.

Let’s face it – you never really leave the law. It’s always a part of you. You will always have the training, the experiences, the frustrations, the client interactions, the wins (and losses), the war stories you have experienced while being a law student and a lawyer. And this is all good stuff. Stuff that can serve as the basis for what you want to do next.

The idea of leaving works for some, and not for others. If the idea of leaving something, anything, is scary or perceived as risky to you, don’t dwell on the fear. That only sabotages you. Call it something else. Just don’t call on it too late.

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