Zero commercial potential

 October 24, 2010

By  Casey Berman

We all want to make money.  We all want to be able to pay the bills, create a nice cushion, enjoy the finer things, give to charity, be admired, rent a boat, travel the world, buy things . . . 

And whether we admit it or not, we likely want to work on something we enjoy.  We want to focus on our passions, we want to make money from what we love doing.  When we do what we love and what we’re good at, it just comes easily, it comes naturally, it makes us happy.

But we’re afraid.  We’re afraid that we can’t make money from what we love.  We think it’s impossible, a dream, something others will laugh at, something to not even be considered.

So . . . how do we make money from what we love?

The first step is to not focus on the money.  Once we start thinking about making cash, we alter the process.  It clouds how we view our passions.  It doesn’t help us in formulating what we are really good at.  We’re too concerned about the money end game, and not focused enough on the small beautiful details that form our unique genius.

So, let’s imagine that your passions have zero commercial potential.  Yup, that’s right.  Imagine that you won’t make a cent from what you love.

Now, this may seem the antithesis to leaving the law and creating a revenue producing practice or company or website.  But in so doing, you can free yourself for a while from one of the most stressful aspects of leaving your job and starting a new business:  actually making money.

Whenever you can, free your mind for a few minutes, listen, observe, question, jot down ideas.  Take the time. 

Your unique genius will emerge whole.  Once you’ve reached a comfort level with it, then the easier part is finding a way to make some cash from it.

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