Listening to this one thing has made me more successful and confident

 August 9, 2017

By  Casey Berman

Our job as attorneys often calls for us to be objective, detached and above-the-fray.

Law school taught us to be logical, commonsensical and compliant.

This emphasis on rationality helps us excel as attorneys.

But rationality can fail us when there is a disconnect between what we need to do as an attorney, and how we feel being an attorney.

When we don’t like being an attorney (and feel anxious, unhappy, disconnected or like a fraud), we can’t just dismiss these feelings.

Rather, we need to find a new way to get our arms around these feelings and understand how they can actually be the guidance we’ve always wanted to a more successful, aligned and happier life.

I shot this short 3:13 minute video below to help you begin to understand how listening to how you feel can be the first step to achieving the life you’ve always wanted to live.


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I can’t force you to leave the law and be happy. But if you are ready, I can help.


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  1. HI Casey,
    Your video is true and (as always) on the mark! Your question of “How do you feel right now?” is so apropos of today. Today my adversary in a personal injury litigation who, because they are younger and less experienced, I have helped navigate through the process, and with whom I have had more than amicable and respectful exchanges/conversations/discussions in the past, hauled off and screamed at the top of her lungs an F-bomb laced diatribe against me because I could not immediately give her the available dates for my experts for a trial we just got notice of today is now scheduled in October. So….How do I feel today? Like crap. In a profession that’s full of stressed out people pushed to the edge of the boundaries of civility when people act like crap and treat each other like crap. That’s how I feel today. ‘Nuff said.

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