Posted Today on AboveTheLaw.com – What to Consider When Considering an In-House Counsel Position

 November 30, 2012

By  Casey Berman

I’m honored to have been asked by Above the Law to provide a guest article for ATL’s Career Center.  Today, they published Part I of the article “What to Consider When Considering an In-House Counsel Position”.  The article explores just what it takes to be an in-house attorney, the expectations and demands of the role and the potential career paths.  While these in-house positions are often coveted and hard to get, we focus on the critical analysis (of one’s personal skills and the job’s duties) it takes to ensure that this role could be the answer to an attorney’s job hunting prayers.

Please give it a read, and add your thoughts on abovethelaw.com or email me directly.  Thanks so much.

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