Thank you

 January 5, 2016

By  Casey Berman

I constantly receive emails from many of you. Many of them are emails simply saying thanks.

You thank me for starting this blog. It has helped you leave the law, it has helped you feel not so alone, it has helped you to motivate to make change, it has helped you to take a first step.

I love getting these emails.

And the one thing I love as much as getting the emails is replying to these emails with my own thanks.


Thank you

I thank you for taking the time to thank me.

I thank you for taking a baby step to just send me a note.

I thank you for providing me insight into your own personal situation.

I thank you for having the courage to ask for help and advice and where to go next.

I thank you for reading what I write, and commenting on it, providing me feedback, suggesting new ideas, and sending me resources and news for me to follow.

I thank you for being on the cutting edge of what’s possible for us unhappy, uninspired lawyers who know we can be so much more.

I thank you for helping me learn, for letting me hear your dreams and goals and problems and issues and for only further convincing me that we are on the right path and that there is so much for all of us.


We’re in this together

When I first started this blog in 2009, I had just spoken at an “Alternative Careers for Lawyers†session hosted by the career services department at my alma mater University California, Hastings. The room was full of lawyers who were suffering – the recession was in full swing, jobs were scarce, people were unhappy, but most of us still had trouble admitting that deep down, we didn’t want to be a lawyer any more. We kept it hidden.

I saw the pain we all were feeling.

I also realized that I wasn’t alone.

I started this blog as a way for me to share my thoughts, to process my feelings, to make sense of my roller coaster of a life, to drive me to critically assess my skills and strengths and pursue what is important to me.

I love writing this blog. I need to write this blog.

And I’m happy you’re here.

Thank you.

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  1. I have learned about your blog two days ago. I haven’t finished reading what you have written here, but just by reading a few of your posts have literally changed how I feel about my life. I feel now that a deeply rooted burden that seems to be unbreakable has finally gone. I am so much happier now. Thank you, thank you and thank you for willing to share your stories. Jocellin from South Korea.

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for the comment. We’re adding functionality to the site soon to enable you to like these posts. If you’d like, feel free now to share with your network, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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