Why you are really not (just) a lawyer

 May 28, 2012

By  Casey Berman

That is our job or maybe it’s our career path.  But being a lawyer is really just a label, not an identity.  It’s easy to confuse the two.

We like this label because it’s a nice, convenient way for us to tell a story about ourselves, one that we can accept and impress others.  It’s a nice, convenient way to avoid going deep and finding what we enjoy doing, what skills we are really good at, what we really want to do with ourselves.  To do so would be productive and satisfying and refreshing . . . but first would require hard work, admitting mistakes and defining ourselves in a different (initially uncomfortable) way.

And that’s the beauty of leaving law behind.  We can define ourselves in a different, likely more accurate and motivational way.  That is different than labeling.  It’s deeper.

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  1. Casey, you NAILED it here… “But being a lawyer is really just a label, not an identity. It’s easy to confuse the two.”

    Keep up the great work –

    1. Thanks Air. We are so tied to our title of “lawyer” and what we think it brings us, that we often forget to look at what’s underneath (and what we really strive for). Thanks again for all the support.

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